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1.  Why should I list horses on this website? What makes this website different from other equine websites in the US?

This is your #1 choice website for selling your horses quickly to China. It’s the only bilingual website in the US, English and Mandarin Chinese, focusing on selling US horses to China. It will greatly increase your sales opportunities to the booming Chinese horse market.

2. How can I sell horses to China?

First, register as a free member on this website. Then start listing your horses by clicking on Post an Ad on the top right. Follow the simple 3 steps to complete your listings.

After we receive your listings, We will help translate it into Chinese. If any of the buyers in China is interested in your listed horse(s), they will contact us with their inquiry and request. We will then contact you and help with the bilingual communications back and forth between you and the buyers until you reach into a sales contract in the end.

After your sales contract is signed, the export process will start. If you have your own export agent, you can just go ahead with it. If not, we can handle all the export procedure for you.

3. How can I communicate with Chinese buyers? Do I need to pay for translation on the back and forth communications?

We will help you with your communication back and forth with the Chinese buyers. You don’t need to pay for translation in this case as it will be included in the commission when your sales is reached in the end. Even if the sales is not done in the end after all the communications, you can still enjoy FREE communication translation.

4. Do I need to pay commission if my horse gets sold through this website?

Yes, you need to pay commission if your horse gets sold through this website with our help in bilingual communications. For details, please contact us at: info@usahorses4sale.com

5. Who will help me handle the export if my horse(s) get sold to China by contract?

We can help you if you don’t have your own export agent. We work with professional export and import companies both in the US and in China.  We can help you handle all the export procedures.

6. How much do ads cost?

Submit a free ad in English. If you would like your ad to be translated into Chinese ($28 per listing) or featured ($10 per listing) at the top of the usahorses4sale.com homepage, please contact us for payment details.

Additional Information

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Cell in USA:
(+1) 970-275-8553 (Ms. Shuling Zou)

Cell in China:
(+86) 132-8089-7980 (Ms. Shuling Zou)
(+86) 139-6987-7052 (Ms. Jing Yang)

Skype: yang9410111
Email: info@usahorses4sale.com