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Hu Moshalla


HU MOSHALLA – Black Arabian Filly

This is a lovely black filly with striking white markings to set her off. Her powerful motion and elegance would make her a great prospect […]

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Hu Shakhara


HU SHAKHARA – Black Arabian Filly

This is the last black filly sired by Hu-Shahn Khara in the USA, and she is a lovely one with: star, snip, and four nearly […]

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Hu Fareema


HU FAREEMA – Chestnut Arabian Filly

Fareema is a black-bred Straight Egyptian filly with a lovely head; she has large soft-eyes, nice dish with small tipped ears. She has a sweet […]

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Hu Shaikh Alkeef


HU SHAIKH ALKEEF – Black Arabian Stallion

Here is a big, pretty, Straight Egyptian black stallion with a wonderful disposition. Alkeef has a pretty head with lovely kind-eyes; he has a high […]

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Fadjurs Silk


FADJURS SILK – Bay Arabian Mare

This stunning mare is an opportunity of a lifetime for anyone to have in a breeding program. Silk has a super sweet disposition; to add […]

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Ali Johara


ALI JOHARA – Chestnut Arabian Mare

Johara is a big, pretty STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN black-producing mare. She has a pretty face with a long elegant neck; she has a nice topline with […]

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Hu Ali Shakeefa


HU ALI SHAKEEFA – Black Arabian Filly

Shakeefa is a big, pretty STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN black filly. ¬†She has a nice head with beautiful eyes, long neck, short back & strong hip. Shakeefa […]

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Hu Ameer Sharif


HU AMEER SHARIF – Black Arabian Colt

Sharif is an extremely nice STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN black colt. He should do fantastic in the show ring and later be an outstanding breeding stallion, and […]

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